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Cartier Drive de Cartier

$16,800.00 $16,800.00

Retrograde 18k Rose Gold    

In stock
SKU: CRT-012
Categories: Men's Watches, Cartier
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You are Looking at a Beautiful Luxurious Cartier Drive de Cartier 18k Rose Gold Retrograde Second Time Zone B/P 

100% guaranteed authentic!!   
Includes Everything: The Original Boxes, Booklets and PAPERS.  

The Watch Is in Excellent Working Condition and Pristine Condition As You Can See From The Detailed Pictures!  

Cartier Calibre 1904MC Automatic Self Winding Movement  

18k Rose Solid Gold Case  

Case Diameter: 40mm X 41mm   
Case Thickness 12.63mm  

Roman Numeral Silver Opaline Dial  

Sword Shaped Blue Hands  

Cartier Black Leather Band with 18k Rose Gold Hidden Deployment Buckle  

18k Rose Gold fluted crown set with a blue spinel cabochon  

Scratch Resistant Sapphire Crystal.  


This Luxurious & Beautiful CARTIER Drive would be an asset to every watch or jewelry collection!!    

Makes a beautiful gift for any anniversary, birthday or wedding present!!  


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9 review(s) for "Cartier Drive de Cartier"


Aaron Faber Gallery

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 New York, NY, US
  • Started from: Oct 09, 2022
Aaron Faber Gallery New York celebrates the artistry of jewelry and watch design through its extensive collection of 20th and 21st century fine jewelry and collectible timepieces. We invite you to view and enjoy some of the extraordinary jewelry presented in our gallery every day.
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